Grant Shapps says countless MPs didn’t exchange “a single word” with Theresa May over her first year as PM

Grant Shapps has written a scathing article for The Sun about Theresa May’s team, in which he claims countless of her own MPs were “left bemused and excluded, not having exchanged a single word with the PM.”

Shapps is the MP for Welwyn Hatfield, and a former Tory party chairman.

He accuses Theresa May’s administration of “obsessive centralisation” and says her aides were “dysfunctional, arrogant and corrosive” – but that her decency and loyalty meant she would do more for them as they had gained her trust.

The PM is fundamentally a decent woman who is extremely cautious, slow to develop relationships and even slower to trust others.

Filling these gaps, her long-term advisers have become her heart, mind and soul.

-Shapps, for The Sun

He insists the only way she will manage in the year ahead is to “operate a completely different model” – suggesting she include more people, listen to more ideas and “make better use of the party’s broad talent.”


  1. The Sun – GRANT SHAPPS Dysfunctional, corrosive, arrogant, catastrophic: former Tory party chairman’s damning verdict on the team behind Theresa May



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