Round-up of the Tory week #4

This time last week, Theresa May’s offer to EU citizens was being torn apart, Tories were out and about on television and radio being a bit silly, and the Queen’s speech was put through after all amendments were blocked. Oh, and there was also that little news about the Tory-DUP deal. Here’s what’s happened since…

  1. A Tory councillor caused controversy by refusing to allow journalists and the public to a meeting about Grenfell Tower. Court ruled they should be allowed to attend, so Nick Paget-Brown cancelled the meeting.
  2. There was a huge protest in London against the Tory-DUP deal and the handling of Grenfell Tower.
  3. People continued to dissect the Tory-DUP deal.
  4. The Stormont talks passed their deadline and went on through the week.
  5. Grenfell Tower is still very high on the political agenda.
  6. And of course, Brexit is still happening.
  7. People were still angry about the Tories blocking the public sector pay cap amendment and then laughing and cheering.
  8. And people were continuing to criticise the government for an assortment of things.
  9. Theresa May’s future as the leader of the party were still in doubt.
  10. Various organisations and people began to launch legal challenges against the government.
  11. A report shows Saudi Arabia has a “clear and growing” link to UK extremism.
    1. Jeremy Corbyn called on the government to stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia.
  12. The Tories were beginning to speculate about how they can improve their image
  13. But Tories are gonna be Tories…


And other news you might have missed this week…

  1. Household savings drop further as UK suffers longest period of falling incomes in 40 years
  2. UK economy is currently worst performing major economy in the world and the EU
  3. Council stats show council houses being sold off almost three times faster than new ones built
  4. Divides in British society are unsustainable socially, economically and politically, says Social Mobility Commission
  5. University of Manchester student union says George Osborne’s appointment as ‘honorary professor’ is disasteful and upsetting
  6. UN confirms UK government’s human rights breaches against disabled people were “grave and systemic”
  7. A disabled woman was forced to crawl up the stairs to a DWP assessment
  8. “Food insecurity and other forms of destitution … are serious public health concerns” says KCL lecturer says after report into food banks
  9. People under 40 have seen their wages shrink by 11% since 2008
  10. 425,000 unaffordable new houses are currently planned for England’s green belt
  11. More UK nurses and midwives are leaving than joining
  12. PM’s own terror watchdog says her internet terror plans are something a “Chinese dictator” would do
  13. Skills shortage intensifies, employers having to pay “well above market rate” to attract new staff
  14. One in seven UK private tenants pays more than half of their income on rent
  15. 11% of women report discrimination at work after having babies
  16. Further evidence the economy is slowing as factory growth hits three-month low
  17. Fox hunting quietly scrapped from Tory plans
  18. Government report into public sector pay cuts shows devastating real term pay falls for teachers, police and nurses
  19. Over 100,00 children are homeless or living in insecure or unstable housing
  20. Former gang leader turned child counsellor says government doesn’t understand children’s problems
  21. Detainees work for £1-an-hour at immigration centres
  22. Poorest students finish university with £57,000 debt
  23. People on zero hours contracts are 50% more likely to suffer mental health issues
  24. Operations and treatment in NHS being ‘rationed’ leaving patients in pain, say doctors
  25. Charity calls for gay men to have historical sex “crimes” automatically pardoned, rejected by government
  26. Government closing or merging over 100 Jobcentres, 750 jobs “at risk”

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