Round-up of the Tory week #3

This time last week, the country was still watching the Grenfell aftermath horror unfolding and also talking about Brexit, Brexit, Brexit. The Queen’s Speech happened, and was heavily criticised. Here’s what’s happened since…

  1. Theresa May’s offer to EU citizens was considered a disappointment.
  2. Theresa May attended Armed Forces Day parade and was booed and heckled.
  3. A Conservative parliamentary candidate accused the Conservatives of having a problem with Muslims.
  4. Details of the Queen’s Speech began to be debated in parliament.
  5. Emails leaked which told Tories to cancel holidays which clashed with votes.
  6. Andrea Leadsom caused a stir by telling broadcasters to be more patriotic.
  7. Grenfell remained high on the list of discussion priorities.
  8. Leadership of the party continued to be discussed.
  9. Brexit remained a hot topic.
  10. David Davis has been in the news a lot.
  11. Tories were out and about on television, radio and social media
  12. More polls and surveys
  13. The DUP deal was formalised, which included £1.5bn to be given to Northern Ireland projects.
  14. The public sector pay cap became a big talking point this week
  15. The Queen’s speech debates concluded.


Other important news that surfaced this week:

  1. A mother and toddler continue to be separated as her visa is refused for a second time
  2. Newly appointed Brexit minister supports weakening asbestos laws
  3. More than a million families face homelessness by 2020
  4. RBS is moving hundreds of jobs to India, workers and taxpayers lose out
  5. Hundreds of patients have to fund their own wheelchairs
  6. British Medical Association warns NHS is “running on fumes” and putting patients at risk
  7. Senior Doctors believe the Tories are deliberately underfunding the NHS to accelerate privatisation
  8. Two Tory Welsh MPs face code of conduct inquiries
  9. Promises to fund 10,000 more nurses’ training quietly dropped
  10. Private contractors lose half a million NHS letters, potentially causing harm to over 1,700 patients
  11. Greenpeace urges Theresa May to drop fracking plans, saying it will make climate change worse
  12. The Queen is getting a £6m pay increase from public funds
  13. NHS to fix nurse shortage by offering “on the job” training to Indian nurses
  14. MoD haven’t contacted Lee Rigby’s family since his funeral.
  15. Financial lifelines for London Bridge delayed as Hammond won’t officially state it was a terrorist attack
  16. Government releases persistent poverty stats
  17. A review into the funding of extremism and radicalisation reported in 2016 still not made public
  18. Jeremy Hunt is selling off an NHS firm which saves the taxpayer £70m a year
  19. New grammar school plans shelved
  20. UN Human Right chief says Theresa May’s attacks on human rights laws are a “gift to every despot”
  21. David Cameron caught up in Fifa scandal
  22. EU and EEA citizens in Scotland could be arrested and deported if caught rough sleeping
  23. Jon Snow can’t remember whether he shouted ‘fuck the Tories’ at Glastonbury

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