Gerry Adams repeats warning that DUP deal threatens peace agreement in Northern Ireland

Although he visited Theresa May in Downing Street prior to the deal being finalised to warn her that a deal with the DUP would be breaching the Good Friday agreement, she pushed forward with the deal and it was officially completed and signed yesterday. He has spoken out since then, to repeat his warning that the peace agreement is compromised by the deal.

In a statement released after Ms May secured a deal with the DUP to prop up her Government, Mr Adams said: “The price of today’s DUP-Tory deal is DUP support for continued Tory Austerity and cuts to public services.

“It provides a blank cheque for a Tory Brexit which threatens the Good Friday Agreement.”

He added: “Sinn Fein will vigorously pursue the rights of citizens currently being denied by the DUP and the British government.

“We are committed to equality. Sinn Fein will resolutely oppose any attempt to give preferential treatment to British forces, either in terms of legacy or the provision of public services.

“If as they claim in today’s agreement, both the Tories and the DUP will fully adhere fully to the Good Friday Agreement and its successors, they need to deliver on this for the political institutions can be restored.

“So there is work to be done by the DUP and only limited time to do this. As they return to Ireland to meet with Sinn Féin and the other parties, the DUP should be minded of the words of Edward Carson speaking in 1921 on the Tory intrigues that had led him on a course that would partition Ireland: ‘What a fool I was. I was only a puppet, and so was Ulster, and so was Ireland, in that political game that was to get the Conservative party into power’.”



  1. Independent – Gerry Adams says DUP deal threatens Northern Ireland peace agreement



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